Participation in EU Twinning projects

Due to our extensive experience in pre-accession instruments, the supervision of Special programmes, and two Structural instruments periods, ESFA has gained considerable respect from other countries and is actively sharing and cooperating with them in its practical experience and deep expertise in the field of efficient management, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and the administration of the Operational Human Resources Development Programme.

EU Twinning projects where Agency is  in charge of the financial and administrative management of the project:


Twinning project AZ/15/ENP/OT/40 Support to further reforms of the civil service system in Azerbaijan, 2016-18, budget 1.200.000 EUR
Beneficiary institution: State Examination Centre of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Twinning project No MD14/ENP/OT18 Support to the Civil Service Modernisation in the Republic of Moldova in line with EU best practices, 2015-17, budget 1.189.190 EUR
Beneficiary institution: State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova, Central Public Administration Reform Division


Twinning light project No MK13/IPA/SO/02/15/TWL Strengthening the quality assurance and control of the educational system, 2016, budget 250.000 EUR
Beneficiary institution: National Examinations Centre of the Republic of Macedonia

For almost 10 years, experts from the Agency has shared their experience and provided assistance to candidate countries preparing for EU accession through the Twinning program in the following projects:


Twinning light project No MK10/IB/SO/O1TWL Support to the monitoring and control of the OP HRD funded operations, 2014-15, budget 200.000 EUR

Twinning light project No MK/07/IB/SO/01EU Support for the preparation of the country to manage the European Social Fund through implementation of the Human Resources Development component of IPA instrument, 2010, budget 200.000 EUR


Twinning light project No MN11/IB/SO/01TWL Support to the Operating Structure of the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development” to ensure its preparation to fulfilling the functions and responsibilities related to the management of the Operational Programme, 2013-14, budget 200.000 EUR


Twinning project No KS/11/IB/OT01 Further support to Public administration reform, 2013-14


Twinning project No HR/08/IB/SPP02 Enhancement of Capacity for Effective Management of EU Cohesion Policy Funds, 2011-14, budget 2.000.000 EUR


Twinning project No 205/017-494-02-01 Protection of the Financial Interests of the Community and Combating Fraud, 2007-08